Everything Else

Hi There.

So, you may as well all know now.  She leaves me overnight here with all this yarn, and she’s all like, “don’t touch the yarn.”

Easy for you lady, I’m a cat…in a yarn shop.  And she doesn’t even bring me wet food on a regular basis.  This forced imprisonment and torture is so reprehensible, I have no choice but to sit here, when no one’s looking, and blog all about the inner workings of this place.  An exposè, if you will.

I have tried, numerous times, to plea for help, doing the most abhorrent things for a cat my age.  Greeting people when they walk in like a dog, rubbing up on the legs of perfect strangers-I have even resorted to…gulp…rolling over and showing my belly.  Do you know what they do?!? They RUB IT!  As if this is something I ENJOY!  I do NOT, sir!  No treats?  No wet food?  NO WET FOOD?  These humans are no better than my captors!  What is it going to take?

That’s when it hit me:  Secretly blog about my lamentations and let the world know how I suffer.


They’ll never catch on, and hopefully, one day, someone will notice and save me from this horrible life of dry food, fake mice, and the Forbidden Fruit that is…yarn.

Mia =ˆ∪ˆ=